TU Delft Connection

The Master's Program in Engineering and Policy Analysis (EPA) is located in Wijnhaven building, situated in the Hague city center. This program places students in the heart of a bustling international hub, surrounded by multinationals, government agencies, international consulting firms, and NGOs. Just less than 12 kilometers from the Delft University Campus, The Hague provides an excellent backdrop for students training to become effective policy advisors or strategy consultants.
At TU Delft | The Hague, the environment is geared toward both academic pursuits and professional development. The Wijnhaven building itself is a focal point for students and staff from diverse backgrounds, open seven days a week to accommodate various activities and schedules. 
The program's home base on the 5th floor of the building includes two labs with big windows, a hall, and a common room where students can relax and interact. These areas are complemented by a small kitchenette equipped with a fridge and a microwave, making day-to-day campus life more comfortable and convenient. In the second year, the program partially moves to the campus in Delft, offering students exposure to a different setting and further enriching their educational experience.