The TU Delft has a long history with well-established study associations. These associations help create communities among students, introduces them to career possibilities and, perhaps most importantly of all, actively act to improve the quality of education. For years Curius has performed these tasks for the EPA student community, but with the move to The Hague of the master programme, Curius wasn't been able to continue these tasks as effectively as before. To adequately represent the interest of the students in The Hague, the EPA Chapter Dentatus was founded in 2016.

In addition to the usual functions of a student association, one of the key objectives of Dentatus is to maintain the TU Delft identity of the EPA master programme. This is accomplished via various means. First of all, a part of the study related activities organized will be connected to research and work that is being done at the TU Delft. Secondly, the connections with Curius will be kept short, this entails cross-promotion for relevant activities and by organizing occasional activities in Delft. Lastly, the assertive and entrepreneurial nature that characterizes the TU Delft student will result in Dentatus to get a foothold into relevant student and faculty bodies in the Wijnhaven faculty.

Additionally, to maximise the benefits of being in the city of justice and peace, Dentatus will strive to establish long term relations with companies, governmental bodies and NGO’s located in the city relevant to the EPA master programme. These collaborations might lead to guest lectures, excursions, symposia, case studies and many more events.

All in all, Dentatus will strive towards becoming an ever-growing community, will improve the EPA programme wherever possible, will protect the Delft identity and make the most out of the relations with organizations in the Hague.

Dentatus Board

Auriane Tecourt
Mels van Gameren
Anmol Soni
Jesse Schevel
Commissioner of Education