The 5.5th Board of Dentatus


Auriane Tecourt


Hey there!

Nice to see you on our website, I hope you find what you’re looking for! I’m Auriane, President of Dentatus. I have a background in physics and joined EPA to put my scientific mindset to good use. I want EPA to be a cozy place for all students, where we can help each other through hectic times and make lovely memories in the fun times!

When I’m not studying, I’m usually playing music, hanging out with friends or dancing. I picked up playing the guitar during lockdown, but still go back to my piano and ocarina when no one’s home.

My main role is to help everyone feel integrated in the group, which is not only EPA-peeps but everyone in Wijnhaven as well. I will do my best to make sure you leave your desk and don’t overwork yourself! Despite deadlines and the heavy work load, I want you to enjoy your time as an EPA student. If you see me around, don’t hesitate to chat with me, I’m always down for a coffee break!



Mels van Gameren



My name is Mels and I am the Secretary of the 5.5th board of Dentatus! After finishing my TPM Bachelor’s I was drawn to EPA because of the great combination of modeling and policy analysis. I live pretty much around the corner of the Wijnhaven building, which is one of the reasons why you will find me there quite often. During my term as Secretary of Dentatus I will focus on improving career opportunities for EPA students and providing the EPA community with a smooth transition back into normality after COVID-19.

In my free time I like to do sports, travel and spend time with my friends. I also have a big interest in the stock market and finance in general. If you feel like having a chat with me, feel free to contact me. I’m always up for a coffee :).





Anmol Soni


I am Anmol, Treasurer of Dentatus.

I am from India, where I completed my graduation in Mechanical Engineering while chasing my passion for the energy & gas sector. After working in the field for over three years, I made a career transition to policy research for exploring Water, energy, and food nexus. This quest of mine brought me to EPA. I envisage to acquire EPA skills for integrating technology and policy for creating an impact and contributing to societal reforms.

Here at the Hague, you can either spot me chasing deadlines on the fifth floor of the Winhaven building or hosting dinner parties. I enjoy reading, music and cooking in my free time. My friends call me a social butterfly, not sure if I am one but I am always up for a good talk session!



Commisioner of Education

Jesse Schevel

Hi all!

My name is Jesse, 21 years old and as your Commissioner of Education I’ll work on the quality of the education of the programme and check whether the teachers correct the exams in time, although I can’t promise that you’ll pass the courses. 

During my bachelor’s at TPM in Delft, I went a half a year abroad to study Industrial Management and Engineering at Berlin University of Technology and did my bachelor thesis at the Ministry of Agriculture in The Hague. There I discovered that I want to focus more on modelling and systems engineering in an international environment and my true love The Hague, which paved the way for EPA! In addition to EPA, I also study International and European Union Law in Rotterdam.

In my free time I’m a binge watcher of House of Cards, Designated Survivor or any other series on Netflix, I read a lot and love to swim in the early morning (albeit with mainly elderly people at that hour).

If you’d like to have a talk about education, activities or just for socialising, you can usually find me near the coffee machine!